Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby Toddler Expo

     So, yesterday was the big Baby and Toddler Expo.  I had been working really hard the past few weeks making more tutus and adding embellishments to fairy wings.  I was worried that I wouldn't have enough supply to handle two shows back to back. (Next weekend is the Girls Night Out at JAKS)  Well I definitely have enough supply for next weekend!  I'll also be posting some of the new products in my etsy store- Littlest Sweet Pea.

     I sold a few tag lovies, a handful of hair products, and three wings.  Not a single tutu sold- that was the one product that I was worried about the most!  Figures.  Even though the day wasn't full of sales, I definitely handed out a lot of business cards and hopefully made a good impression on the attendees.  Who knows, maybe some of the attendees are even reading this blog!

Baby Blanket Door Prize

Fairy Wings


Tag Lovies- Stand made by my wonderful husband!

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