Friday, January 21, 2011

Korker Bows

     I have always admired korker bows.  They are so CUTE and fun looking.  I thought that they would be impossible to make but after checking out google for directions.  I dove in.  It can be done!
1.  Set your oven to 275
     *yes, you are going to cook the ribbon!  I know, crazy Right?!
2.  Clip your ribbon to a dowel rod.  The smaller/thinner the rod, the tighter the curls

3.  Wrap the ribbon around the dowel rod.  The closer the ribbon is to one another, the tighter the curls.
4.  Once the ribbon is wrapped around the dowel rod, snip the ribbon and use another wood clothes pin to clip the ribbon.

5.  Cook the ribbon for 25 minutes.  Some of the darker colors will stain the dowel rods.
6.  Carefully remove the ribbon from the rods.  I just kind of wiggle the ribbon until it come loose from the rods and then slowly slide it off.

7.  I then cut the ribbon into desired lengths.  For smaller bows, I cut into 2-3 inch sections.  For larger bows, I do 4-5 inch sections.
8.  Don't forget to heat seal your ends.
9.  Thread a needle and start putting the ribbon on.
10.  Thread all of the ribbon onto the needle.  You can use a multitude of color combinations, ribbon widths, and ribbon types.
11.  After you've threaded the ribbon, loop the thread through a few times to ensure that the ribbon pieces are secure.
12.  Tie off the ribbon and attach to your favorite type of hair clip.
13.  You can use the thread to wrap around the hair clip or you can use hot glue to attach to the hair clip.

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