Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Water Fun

     I have finally discovered a way to get my dishes done!  We don't have a dishwasher unless you count our cheap labor...ME.  Every time I fill up the sink, Lily begins to cry and tug at my leg.  This always surprises me because she hates water.  I have tried everything to give her a bath, nothing works.  We've tried the kitchen sink, the big bathtub, her little tub, Lily and Chloe in the tub together, me and her in the tub, me and her in the shower....nothing works.  She even cries at the swimming pool.  Bath time is filled with crying, I'm usually the loudest!  So, needless to say I'm surprised that she wants to watch me wash the dishes.
     When I pick her up she instantly wants to put her hands into the soapy water and play!  Crazy.....because I've tried adding bubbles to her bath and she hates it.  The other day I was working on getting the dishes done and I had a lot of work to do.  During the weekends, we let it all go.  It's nice at the time but Mondays are a lot of work for our cheap labor. :(  I was really needing to finish the dishes and Lily wouldn't let me put her down.  Then I thought that maybe she needed to do her own dishes.
     I filled a small bowl with soapy water.  Then I dumped out most of it, just in case!  I set it down on the floor and Lily went to town.  She loved it and kept laughing and stirring the water.  Yeah...I was able to get back to work!

     Yes, Lily is drinking the soapy water.  No, she didn't drink a lot!  I think.  I know that I said that Lily doesn't like water.  Well...that's not completely true.  She likes the water in the dog bowl and apparently soapy water!  Lily isn't allowed to have water in her PKU diet yet.  Her doctor is afraid that if Lily really likes to drink water (which by the looks of it, she does) that she will refuse to drink her medical formula!

      I got most of the dishes done, when I realized just how quiet it was.  This is never a good sign.  I turned around, and this is what I saw .....GASP
     I had quite a few things running through my head...Oh my gosh she's drinking soapy water, I should probably stop her, that is so funny (she's obviously not our first child!), I wonder how much phe is in soapy water!  Anyway Lily was enjoying herself and I got the dishes done.  I'm sure that Dr. Hoganson is right.  As if this day was proof, Lily would probably love to drink water and not her formula.  


  1. How cute that she loves to play in (and eat)the soapy water :D Maybe soapy water doesn't have phe...last week Noah decided to eat a bite of dog food (I know, disgusting!) and I looked at the label and it said "contains 28% protein", ahhhhh! I have no idea what that will mean for his level, it was only ONE bite. Hopefully it will be alright, and believe me, I made sure the dog food was closed up tight after that incident!!!

  2. I know what you mean about the dog food. I don't know how many times Lily has been caught with the dog food. I usually find it right after she's put it in her mouth. But one time, I didn't notice until she had brown drool coming out of her smile!


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