Monday, March 28, 2011

Who's Got A Button?

     Today I learned how to make and add a button to my blog.  Initially, I had no idea what a button was or why I should have one.  But I knew that just about every blog that I follow has one.  So my mind, reverted back to middle school and suddenly I wanted what everyone else had!  Damn peer pressure.
     So I found a great website that walked me through it using baby steps.  If you're interested in a blog button, this is the site for you:  Oikology 101!

1.  I used google to find an image that I liked-  make sure your image isn't copy right protected!
2.  I used Photobucket to add my signage- Littlest Sweet Pea
3.  Then I just followed the steps on Oikology 101 and voila!

Now, fans can grab my button and post it onto their blog or I can leave my button on other blogs.  Hopefully, my button will bring other followers and lead to education about PKU and how NOT to cook! hehehe

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