Saturday, April 9, 2011

Red Hots

     Last week, the family was having chili cheese dogs for supper.  With Lily having PKU, she obviously couldn't eat the chili cheese hot dots...that would be phe overload!  So we pulled out the Cambrooke Brooklyn dogs from the freezer.  Ryan decided that HE would try to fry them up, so as to not have another kitchen fire.  oops!  A few months ago, he tried boiling them and the casing fell apart, leaving a gooey mess in the water.  Definitely not edible!
     We defrosted the dogs and Ryan fried them up.  Again the casing fell apart and they didn't look too appetizing.  But we served them up in hopes that Lily wouldn't notice.  She looked at them, shook her head no, and threw it onto the floor to the dog!  Yea, she noticed.  So much for the PKU hot dogs.  We'll have to try again another time.
Their cooked dogs!
OUR cooked dogs!

     Yeah, I'm not sure what went wrong, but ours looks NOTHING like theirs.  And this time, it wasn't even me cooking!  HeHeHe


  1. Thanks for sharing, we haven't tried many low protein foods yet. I have no idea what to try or if Noah will like it. I just ordered the "shake cheese" and tried making the "cheese" sauce but Noah didn't like it too well. I will keep trying. Maybe one day we will learn how to make those "hot dogs".

  2. Lily really likes the Loprofin "rice" when I add the Cambrooke Chicken Consomme seasoning to it! The seasoning is so low in phe, that I don't even count it. You have to use a huge amount of it just to equal 1 phe! Plus I tried it and it really does taste like chicken :)


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