Monday, May 9, 2011

Storage To The Rescue

     I just want to send out a huge THANK YOU to House of Hepworths for this great idea.  I've been trying to tackle a few problems at our house.  One of the ongoing issues is storage.  I'm a huge pack rat and apparently so are my children and husband!  yea this could potentially become a huge problem!  So, I've decided that if I can't purge our crap, I can at least organize it.  Trust me I have tried so many times to get rid of things.  I do have garage sales but I can't get myself to price everything that we should get rid of.  Two years ago I had made up my mind to get rid of everything baby and little kiddish...our kids were 7 & 9 years.  We were finally going to get rid of the crib, pack-n-play, swing, stuffed animals, extra baby dresser, bins of baby clothes, etc.  THEN....we discovered baby number 3 was on the way!
     I now can't get rid of the Elmo movies, the stuffed animals, and all of the Little People.  Lily will eventually play with these.  I can't get rid of them now.  So here we are. In order to stay sane (or mildly sane) I need to have some organization.  Even though I keep everything, I like to try to stay organized.  I stress the word TRY.  My two older kids and husband are the TRY part.  Every time I turn around, what was once clean and orderly is a disaster.
     Trust me people, I'm not just talking about the everyday messes that families make.  I have storage containers for medicine and toiletries.  The other day I went to the closet to get a band-aid, only to find the bins dumped EVERYWHERE.  I immediately stomped down the hallway to confront Chloe.  She swore that she didn't do it.  So next I found Andrew.  He swore he didn't do it.  I told them "The bins didn't just dump themselves out.  And we don't have little mice that can make that sort of mess!"  I got some smiles and snickers but no one confessed.  Later that night, Ryan asked how my day was.  I proceeded to tell him that we have failed as parents.  That our kids think it's ok to lie right to my face.  I told him the story and caught a look of guilt!  Apparently, Ryan was running late, needed some allergy medicine and just didn't have the time, I mean patience, no wait common courtesy to clean up after himself!  AAAAHHHHHH
     Now I am even more determined to make my life a little easier by simplifying the cleaning up process.  We'll see how it works out.  I'm only mildly hopeful.....

I took one of Lily's diaper boxes and folded the tops in.

I took some Duct Tape ($3.88 at Walmart) and carefully folded it over the top. 
I had the duct tape left over from a previous project~ Photos

I wrapped the tape all the way around and started making layers.

I then inserted a ribbon to make a loop.  These bins are going in
Chloe's room, so I chose a color that would match her bedspread.

I hot glued ribbon around the top and bottom.

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