Saturday, November 5, 2011

Menu Plan Week 4

Here we are again!  Things are still going great.  This week I had to do the grocery shopping with all 3 kids!  WOA....  Not going to happen again!  They had parent-teacher conferences, so there was no school.  I didn't think about that until Thursday when it was grocery shopping time.  oops!  If you're looking for the recipes, just click on the link under the picture.

SATURDAY:  Beef Stew
     *We love everything wholesome in our house.  This is definitely one of my favorite comfort foods!

SUNDAY:  Enchilada Bake
     *We haven't tried this before, but we I love Mexican food!  And we all know, since I'm doing the planning, I get to choose!  I love this job.

MONDAY:  Sloppy Joes
     *Everytime I hear the word "sloppy joe"  I envision Adam Sandler singing his little ditty!
     Normally, I use a can and add it to the meat.  This time, I'm trying it a little differently.

TUESDAY:  Left Over Buffet

WEDNESDAY:  Buffalo Chicken Chili
     *This is also a new recipe.  The kids and Ryan LOVE buffalo chicken, so hopefully this will be a hit.

THURSDAY:  Turkey Divan
     *I'm full of adventure this week.  This is the third new recipe.  Hopefully  we can make it successful!

FRIDAY:  Beef and Corn Casserole with Biscuits
     *Ryan is really good at throwing things into a dish and making a delicious casserole.  They usually consist of biscuits and some yummy goodness!  Here's my attempt....but I have to follow a recipe or who knows what it would taste like.

I'm also going to make some banana bread this week.  We've got a recipe for us and a low-protein PKU friendly recipe for Lily.  I'll post that in a couple of days.  Once I've tried it and know that it's not a bust!  Here's our recipe:  we exclude the nuts!  We have enough in our family already

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