Sunday, January 29, 2012

Menu Plan Jan.30-Feb.5

     Sorry I missed last week.  After spending alot of fun and money at the Dells last weekend, we decided to take it easy with groceries and meals this week!  I had quite a few of box meal items in the pantry and ended up using those.  We had Hamburger helper lasagna, left over pasta from last week, breakfast casserole (using eggs, french fries, cheese, and bacon~  all stuff we had on hand), Zataran's Jambalaya, pizza, and leftovers!  The hubby wasn't too happy, but after balancing the checkbook, I knew it was necessary.  We are a paycheck-to-paycheck family.  We enjoy having fun, but all fun needs to fit in the budget.  My main goal this year is to pay off as much debt as possible.
     I hate writing out checks for student loans, car payment, house payment, and credit card debt.  Because when I'm done, we have very little left for the necessities~ gas, heat, phone, food, etc.  You get the picture.  I'm sure many of you are in the same boat.  A boat that is slowly sinking!
     Anyways, here is the plan for this week:

MONDAY:  Cheeseburger In Paradise (gotta love Buffet!) & Fries
                      *We already have the fries and I'm pretty sure everyone knows how to make burgers! 
                         Our burgers won't look this awesome, but we'll love every bite!
                       *Lily will eat Cambrooke's Camburger and fries.  She loves their burgers!

TUESDAY:  Ham, au Gratin Potatoes, and Veggies
                      *We'll be skipping the parsnips in this recipe!  The recipe seems pretty simple.
                         We have most of the ingredients on hand and I think that it will be a tasty
                          and inexpensive meal!  Whoo Whoo

WEDNESDAY:  Chicken Pot Pie
                            *We love Marie Callender's pot pies, but they're a little pricey!
                              Here's an easy recipe where once again, we have most of the ingredients on hand.

THURSDAY:  Leftovers

FRIDAY:  Sandwich Night
                  *Andrew asked for a night where we could just eat our favorite sandwiches!  So here it is.
                    I'll have cheese on hand for grilled cheese (Lily will probably have this!)  Andrew will
                    want PB&J.  We'll also have some lunch meat and chips.  Easy dinner but the kids will
                    love it and I'll love the clean up!

SATURDAY:  Pizza Night
                         *We'll either make our own or purchase a pizza from the Walmart deli.  They're
                           delicious, huge and cost between $8-$12!  Lily will eat her Cambrooke Pizza Puffs.

SUNDAY:  Southwest White Bean & Chicken Chili
                   *Definitely something new for us, so the hubby should be happy & proud!  The
                     recipe seems easy to follow (I've got a theme here) and the items are inexpensive.
You can find a list of link parties here.  Enjoy!

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  1. ham and au gratin potatoes was one of the very first new to me meals I tried when i started meal planning.. I LOVED it but it was a rare one that teh hubby could "not care less if it never returned".. SIGH for me-- nice meal plan


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