Monday, May 28, 2012


     This past week has been a hard one.  I lost my last grandparent!  Just typing those words is so hard.  My Grandma Moore always seemed like Superwoman to me.  She NEVER seemed old.  She was always working in the garden, going to church, shopping, or picking up things at garage sales.  She never seemed like an aging Grandma, that is until a couple of years ago.
     My Grandma Moore was diagnosed with cancer, and that one word, that one diagnosis, changed EVERYTHING.  She still tried to keep up but things just got harder.  However, Superwoman grandma put up an amazing fight.  Her goal was to live as long as possible, just for her family. So, she endured chemotherapy, radiation, blood treatments, medications, and side-effects.  She wanted to see her great grandchildren grow up.  Some of those great grandchildren are my children.  I love that she loved us so much, that she would endure treatment just to be able to see us longer.
My Aunt Carol, Grandma Moore, and my Mom!
     It wasn't until the end, that I realized I never told her often enough how much I love her.  I never visited often enough.  I never returned the favors that she had given me.  Once again, I took my Grandma and her love for us for granted.  Now it's too late to be able to tell her face to face or to be able to make up for lost moments.  I know that my Grandma loves me and I know that she knew how much I loved her.  But just knowing isn't the same as doing or saying.
My sister, Stephanie, and my Grandma Moore
     I'm writing this post in hopes that it will remind some of you that life goes too fast.  There is no guarantee that there will be a tomorrow.  There is no set amount of time that you or your loved ones will be here.  Please read this and then take action.  Don't just send an email to someone you them!  Don't just drop a card in the mail...visit them!  Don't just assume that they know you love them...tell them!  You will NEVER regret doing those things, but you will regret it if you don't.
This is my favorite photo of my Grandma & Grandpa Lynde!
They both passed away a few years ago, but not a week
goes by that I don't think about them.  They are truly missed!

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