Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Little Murmer

     So our little guy was born!  I can't believe it.  The kids and my parents, sisters, and in-laws were all there to witness the addition to our family.  I mean they weren't all in the delivery room!  That would be a little akward!  My mom, sister Jamie, and Ryan were in the room and encouraged me the entire time.  Ryan was right beside me and talked me through each contraction and give me the perfect smiles and words of encouragement.  My mom was behind Ryan and kept telling me that I was doing a great job.  Jamie was further away and was keeping quiet while she was taking photos! (don't worry the photos were not X rated!  I hope not anyways) 
     After the little man was born, everyone went home and Ryan followed the little guy to get more photos.  I was able to relax a little and get settled into the room.  I couldn't quite fall asleep because my adrenaline was still going plus I wanted Ryan to tell me all about the little guy's bath.  Once Ryan got back into the room, I knew something was off.

     I asked if Ryan was able to take photos of the bath and he said no.  Apparently, little man's temperature dropped and he needed to be put under the heating lamps to warm him up.  This didn't worry me because it was normal for babies to get cold and need a little extra help getting warm.  Our other kids had to go under the heating lights for a little while.  He then told me that the nurse was a little worried.
     While the nurse was taking his measurements and listening to his heart, she heard something.  Our perfect little guy had an extra heartbeat!  She heard a little heart murmer.  His heart would beat just fine and then there would be an extra beat.  She called the pediatrition on call and he said that there was nothing he could do at this time.  That our little guy should be watched and a doctor would come and check him our in the morning. 

     When Ryan told me this I was terrified.  Our nephew has HLHS and has had to have 3 heart surgeries.  A friend just had a baby with a heart murmer and the baby was still in the hospital after 2 weeks.  I told Ryan "This can't be happening.  Not once did his heart sound off during all of my appointments.  I had 3 ultrasounds, 1 by a specialist and not once did anything appear different about our son's heart.  How can this be?"
     Ryan told me that after our little guy's bath, they would be bringing him back to our room.  I actually decided that I didn't want the little man in our room!  I was terrified that something would happen while I was sleeping and I wouldn't know.  As much as I wanted to hold the little guy, I knew that he would be safer in the nursery where there was a nurse.

     After about 10 minutes of me worrying and Ryan trying to comfort me a nurse came in to check on me.  I asked her about our son and his having a heart murmer.  She told us not to worry.  That some babies' hearts can do that after the trauma of a delivery.  I started to relax a little but still was completely worried.  She reassured me that a complete check would be done and that when a baby was 24 hours old a heart check was performed on them.
     This was something completley new!   A monitor would be put on a foot and one on a hand.  Somehow the heart would be checked and it would rule out most congenital heart defects!  All of that without being invasive.  Here's a picture with a link about the heart check.

     Eventually, I was able to fall asleep.  I said a whole bunch of prayers and left everything in God's hands.  Early the next morning, the baby was brought back into our room and I was told that our Pediatritian would be in soon and he would check out our son's heart.  That wait seemed like forever!

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