Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Beginning AGAIN!

     So, now I have two little ones with PKU!  I honestly didn't think that would happen.  Each pregnancy had a 25% chance of having PKU, a 50% chance of being a carrier, and a 25% chance of nothing at all.  How in the world did my last two pregnancies hit the 25%?  Oh well!
     We're at the beginning of everything again.  I am supposed to slow down my nursing to every other feeding.  The alternate feeding is to be the PKU Periflex Infant Formula.  That was the same formula that Lily took.  We're to wait three days, go in to see our genetics doctor, and he'll do a blood draw.
     After that blood draw, the rest is up to me!  I can not tell you enough how much I hate doing blood draws.  I remember the first time with Lily.  My hands were literally shaking and I was so worried that I would hurt her.  I mean obviously I was going to hurt her...I had to poke her heel and draw blood!  But I was worried that I'd do it wrong, really hurt her foot or even have to poke her multiple times.  Eventually we both figured it out (Lily and myself- Ryan still won't do them!)
     Now I have to get the hang of drawing blood from a tiny foot that just won't stay still.  This time I know that I won't hurt his foot any more than the poke, but I still worry about having to poke him multiple times!  I've had to do that to Lily more than once.
     At the doctor's office, the doctor did the heel prick in less than a minute.  No exaggeration!  He cleaned Thomas' foot and was poking him before I even realized it.  As if that wasn't amazing enough, the doctor filled a small vile and the filter paper so quick.  I know that he's a professional, but I've been doing this for over two years and I can never fill the paper that quick. 
     A few days after the doctor's appointment, we did our first at home heel prick!  We're on the Tuesday and Friday schedule.  We'll take a blood sample twice a week for the first year and then bring it down to once a week.  That is if I remember.  It's amazing how a week flies by and I don't take a sample.  I do remember to do it, it's just when Lily is sleeping or has just eaten. 
     Here are some photos of Thomas' first home heel prick.  Yes he cried.  A lot.  The entire time.  Sadly, I didn't get enough blood, so I had to poke him twice.  Nightmare came true!  Lily however was great during the whole thing.  She climbed up onto the table and put her little head right next to his.  She held Thomas' hand and kept whispering to him "It ok baby brother."  Then she got a little book out and read a story to him.

     She was great about the whole thing....until I said "You're next Lily!"  Then she took off running and hid.  Yeah, it doesn't get easier as they get older...at least not yet!

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