Saturday, March 2, 2013

SO much is done, but how did it get this bad? #40bags40days

     I'm still working on the 40 Bags in 40 Days project.  I'm feeling really good about what I've accomplished so far.  I've tried getting rid of our excess so many times, but I only do a half hearted attempt at it.  I'll start, get sentimental about something, keep that item, and then stop working on it.  This time, I'm emotionally ready.  I've realized that we don't need to keep everything.  The memories in my brain and heart are much better than the actual stuff.  If we don't use it, won't use it in the near future, then it's gone.  Yes, I'm getting rid of things that my grandparents gave me and things that I got from people close to me.  But I know that if we can't use or don't want to use them, they're not needed in our home.  Someone else could be using them and that means much more to me.

     It really does feel liberating to get rid of the excess stuff in my life.  There are very few things that I can completely control and this is one of them.  Now that I've got about 20 some bags in the garage, I know that I don't want them back in the house.  At times, I feel a little guilty that I'm not doing a garage sale to help pay off the debt....but I know that if I open those bags, I'll have a hard time selling the items.  For me, it's easier to make a donation than to sell.  Sure I could make a couple of hundred bucks to work on our debt, but then I'd have to put HOURS into labeling, pricing, and sorting the items.  Then I'd have to put HOURS into working the garage sale.  Right now, just getting rid of it will mean much more to me and my family than a couple of hundreds!
     Here's a look at our bedroom.  Some of the stuff came out from under the crib, but MOST of it was crammed into our closet!  I've been hanging onto so much stuff!  To get it out in the open is embarrassing and liberating at the same time.  I'm embarrassed that I let it get to this point.  I'm embarrassed that I thought that I could actually wear some of the stuff that I was keeping!  Now it's going.  A lot of it will be donated, some of it will be tossed, and of course some of it will be kept.  I do have to wear clothing on a daily basis!

     I've gotten a lot done on my list.  Once the list is finished, I plan on keeping up with things.  I like how our house is organized and I'm not feeling overwhelmed when I open a closet.  I love how Chloe is keeping her room clean and organized.  I want to instill a sense of what's needed as opposed to what's wanted, into my children.  I don't want my children to become all about things.  I want them to be able to decipher between needs and wants...this will be huge as they're going through high school and adulthood!  With that being said, there are a few things that I worry about.

1.  How did it get this bad?
2.  Why couldn't I get rid of all of this before?
3.  How am I going to prevent it from getting this bad again?
4.  Am I really that close to becoming a hoarder?
5.  I'm really scared that I might get lost when I start the garage!


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