Thursday, April 4, 2013

#DIY Pacifier Clip #Tutorial

    I made a cute little pacifier clip for my soon to be nephew, Avery!  His mommy and daddy are HUGE Chicago Cubs fans, so I thought a baseball theme would be perfect.  I happened to have everything on hand!

     I cute the ribbon to the desired length.  Be sure to not make it too long, you don't want the ribbon to be able to get around the baby's neck.  I then used my wood burner to melt the ends of the ribbon.  You can also run them over a flame of a candle.  This just makes sure that the ribbon isn't going to unravel.

     Then I added velcro to one end of the ribbon.  Notice that I folded the end over, so the melted part was hidden.  Also make sure that you put a pacifier in the fold of the ribbon, to make sure that when velcroed- a pacifier will fit.  I forgot to do this before I sewed the velcro on, but got lucky!

     The last thing I did was removed a clip from a mitten strap.  You can find them really cheap right about now!  I used one that we had on hand, since it was missing it's partner!  Again, I folded the melted part of the ribbon over and sewed the ribbon closed.

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