Monday, July 15, 2013

Pan Fried Potato Slices Recipe & Meatless Meal Monday Link Up #14

     Here's this week's meatless recipe that is CRaZy easy to make and really no need to change the recipe for PKU!  This week's recipe is found on Top Chinese Cuisine- Pan Fried Potato Slices.  I've made these before and everyone liked them, even picky Andrew!
Pan Fried Potato Slices from Top Chinese Cuisine.


  • 1.500g potato, sliced
  • 2.50g butter
  •         **For Lily's PKU, we use margarine- Parkay squeezable margarine has 0 phe!
  • pepper, to taste
  • 4.salt, to taste


       1.  Clean potatoes.

  • 2.  Place potatoes in steamer, add right amount of water, then cover the lid and steam over medium-high heat until potatoes are cooked

    3.  Peel potatoes for later use
  • 4.  Cut potatoes into slices
  • 5.  Clean pan with clear water, then drying pan over medium heat. Add butter in pan. Add potato slices in pan until butter has melted. Fried until both sides of potato slices become golden yellow
6.  Dish out and sprinkle little black pepper and salt. To serve hot

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