Saturday, August 31, 2013

DIY Colorful Preschool Name Generator!

     Lily and I are doing pretty good with the whole preschool-home school thing!  She's loving it and I'm enjoying it too.  The hardest part is trying to keep Thomas busy and happy while Lily is working.  But we'll get there.
     One of the things I really want to focus on is Lily's name.  She knows her letters and recognizes them all over the place.  A twig looks like a "y", she finds the "L" in the parking spot lines!  It's amazing how she can find her letters everywhere we go.
     But when it comes to writing them, she really struggles.  She can somewhat write her name, but her capital "L" is always backwards and her "y" looks like a goal post!  I love seeing her write and am utterly amazed at how much effort she puts into it.  The hard part is that when she finishes her name, she realizes that the letters don't exactly look the way they're supposed to.  And then she gets upset and frustrated. She's always asking me to make her the dots.

     So, tonight I did just that.  I found this great website (Kidzone) that allows you to generate words.  You enter the words and they'll set it up with the dots!
     I ended up using my snipping tool (found in your start up/programs section).  I snipped a picture of Lily's name and then used Microsoft Word to make two columns of her name.  But I wanted it to look prettier!
     SO...... I highlighted a name section and then opened the "Format" tab at the top of the page.  Once that section is open, you can find a "Recolor" tab.  That's the area that you need to change the color.  To change only the text, you click on the different "Light Variations."  In this area, you can also highlight the name.

     Since I don't have a laminator and I don't really want to print new ones every day, I insert my papers into clear protective sheets.  This acts just like a laminator!  Lily can use dry-erase markers and write her name on the paper and then erase when she's done!

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