Friday, October 18, 2013

The Perfect Little Reader Books For Preschool Sight Words!

     Mommy school is going really well.  Lily's learning a lot of "stuff" but she says she really wants to learn to read!  That's my girl!  So, I decided to start with sigh words.  There are so many different lists of preschool sight words, that I just couldn't figure out which one was the right list.  When I was in the classroom, we used the Dolch sight word lists, so I opted to stick with that.
     The first thing I do, is show Lily the word.  We talk about each letter and that when they're all together, they make a word.  They are called sight words, because we know the words on sight/ just by looking at them.  Don't try to sound these words out with your kiddos- you can't for the most part!  Imagine trying to sound out the word "the".  Each sound of the letters, doesn't even come close to what the word actually sounds like.
The Measured Mom's Readers
     We then focus on that word throughout the week.  There's a FANTASTIC blog that has tons of ideas for your sight words- The Measured Mom.  This is the blog that I use to print out our sight word books.  Lily can now read (a, and, the) thanks to us working on her sight words and the books!

     Once she masters the words we're working on, I'll add another sight word to our list.  I'm not in a hurry to get her to accomplish all of our words.  She's got 2 years until kindergarten, I don't have to live up to school district standards, I don't have to do tests.  It's just Lily and me!  So, we can take our time and move at our own pace.

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