Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Calvery Sunset Craft

     I made a beautiful craft with my second grade Religious Education class the other week.  First I wanted to try it out at home and make sure we could complete it in a reasonable amount of time.  You never with second grade, sometimes the easiest projects seem to take FOREVER.  Lily and Thomas are my models and did a great job.  After wards, Chloe joined them and they had fun making tye dye designs.

     I would love to tell you where I saw this craft but apparently I didn't save the link.  If you know it or come across it, please comment below.  I'd love to give credit where it's due.

     Anyway, this is a pretty easy project.  Depending on the age of the kids, you may have to do some prep work first.  Since I have second grade and we have a limited amount of time during our RE class, I drew the crosses on all of the black plates.  First I drew the scene on one plate, cut it out and then used that as the template.  I used the template and traced the scene on all of the plates for the class.

     I poked a pencil hole in the top of each scene.  This would let the kids be able to put their scissors in to the hole and start cutting out the scene.  That way the frame of the plate would not get cut. While the 1/2 of the class was cutting, the other 1/2 was making the sunset scene.

     I laid out a plastic table cloth and the kids worked on this.  The kids used my scented markers and drew on the coffee filters.  Be sure that they don't color too much in one area- it will put a hole in the filter.  We tried using washable markers and regular crayola markers.  The washables didn't work at all.  The other markers worked but didn't blend as well as my Mr. Sketch scented markers.  Plus these are the  most fun to use!

     Once the filters are colored, simply use a water bottle and spray a few times.  The kids thought it was cool how the colors blended together.  Don't use too much water.  Definitely do this part on the table cloth- the markers will bleed through the filter and onto the counter/table.

     Once the filters are dry (happens pretty quickly) just use some glue sticks and adhere them to the back of the paper plates.  And you're done.  Super easy and absolutely beautiful.

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