Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trying Out New #PKU Foods

     For our PKU food, we shop at a few different places.  We usually place an order to Cambrooke Foods and Lil's Dietary Specialists every other month.  Plus we shop at our local Woodman's.  We try our best to get a variety of foods and definitely push the fruits and veggies for Lily and Thomas.  But Ryan and I are not the best at  making our own PKU bread, waffles, etc.  So we buy more of that from the shops.

     I found some NEW items from Lil's.  We hadn't tried them out and I hadn't even seen these brands before.  But I decided to take a chance and order them, hoping that Lily and Thomas would enjoy a change.

     My kids LOVE cheese!  They're not too fond of the Cambrooke cheese but they devour Daiya's cheese.  I found these Follow Your Heart and thought I'd try them out.   Lily really likes them but Thomas isn't a fan.  I don't have an exact phe count on these.  They are totally vegan, gluten free, dairy free, non gmo and soy free!  A lot of times, you'll find items that are dairy free but contain lactose and soy- a big no no for us!

     This was the favorite find--Coconut Whipped Cream from Gay Lea!  The kids can eat cool-whip but nothing is as much fun as spraying whipped cream into your mouth!  This is made from coconut milk and is delicious.  It definitely has a small coconut flavor but all of us love this one.

     We found a new noodle item that we haven't tried yet- Better Than Noodles.  The kids love pasta, rice (Thomas not so much) and Chinese noodles.   So we thought that these would go over pretty good.  These are wheat free so that makes them much lower than traditional pasta and other noodles.

     Have you tried any of these items or other PKU/low protein foods?  I'd love to hear what you think.

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