Friday, April 29, 2016

First Holy Communion Banners

     This past weekend was my class's First Holy Communion!  I love this day every year.  It's so special and the kids are always excited to receive Jesus.  I usually get tears in my eyes when I see the beautiful white dresses and the boys looking so handsome.  I always have a few that are nervous!  

     Each child is asked to make a banner.  I stress that it is a banner for the child and that the child should help in making it.  I know many parents get excited about this day and want it to be perfect, including what the banner looks like.  I was that parent many years ago, during Andrew's First Holy Communion.  Then I realized, the banner is perfect when it reflects the love that our children have for Jesus and their special Holy Sacrament.  

     In the four years that I've been teaching 2nd grade and Holy Communion, I've never seen a duplicate banner.  This year is no exception!  And of course they turned out beautiful.

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