Thursday, May 5, 2016


     My second graders have been preparing all year to receive their First Holy Eucharist.  The day before, we have a student and parent meeting.  We practice how we walk down the aisle and line up at our pews.  We talk more about what the day means.  Then we split the parents and the students.

     The kids write a special prayer to Jesus.  We've already talked about the types of prayers, so they know that this is like talking to a friend or writing a letter to a loved one.  The parents write a letter to their child, talking about why this day is special and how they're proud of their child.  There are always some kids who really take their time to write the prayer and want it just right.  They completely understand and truly believe that Jesus is with them.

     The kids write about how thankful they are for this special day.  They thank Jesus for taking away their sins and for dying on the cross for them.  All of this innocense and complete belief always rocks me to my core.  I have a strong faith but sometimes I question myself and if I'm making the right choices and am teaching the best that I can.  But when I watch the kids, at this moment, I know that everything is perfect.  To be able to witness this faith in young children is always heart warming!

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