Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's the Great Pumpkin

     Every year we paint our pumpkins.  It all started when the kids were too little to carve, but wanted to have some pumpkin fun.  So we would get out the acrylic paints and the paint markers and go to town.  That was about 9 years ago and the painting of pumpkins has now become our family tradition!  Some years we get a second pumpkin to carve but we always paint the first one.

Green is usually the color of choice!

This year, Chloe decided to use some puffy paint to accent her pumpkin.  So creative!

Chloe added glitter to the top of the pumpkin while the green paint was wet.

Andrew decided not to paint his pumpkin.  Instead he used plastic pieces to give his pumpkin a scary look.

The kids created this one for Lily!

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