Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Apple Pickin Time

     The kids and I went to Curran's Apple Orchard with my sister and nephew.  I always get a smile when we go there.  Maybe it's the fresh air, the country charm, oh who am I kidding... it's the apple donuts!  That was the first place we headed to.  After enjoying a few dozen warm apple donuts, we ventured outside and the kids had a blast.  Lily had dried apple pieces.  You always have to think ahead when planning an outing.  There isn't always PKU friendly food or scales to measure the quantity of food.  Thank goodness for ziplock baggies!

      At times, it's hard having such a gap between the three.  But on days like this, I just have a smile.  Andrew and Chloe loved toting little Lily all over the place.  They couldn't wait to show her the corn, hay maze, thepumpkins, and animals.  Lily was all smiles and cherished being with her Adew and CoCo!
Every time she saw a pumpkin, it was ball ball.  Andrew and Chloe had a blast using the sling shot.  They came pretty close to the targets.

      I especially loved watching them try to feed the turkey!  For some reason, they got the idea that he was jealous that the goats were getting all of the food.  So, why not share with the turkey.  It took them about five minutes to get up the courage to put their hand full of food into his pen.  As soon as they did, his head darted out and pecked them.  They jumped so high that all of the food fell on the ground!  I couldn't stop laughing!  Don't worry no children or turkeys were hurt during our visit.

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