Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday To You

     We celebrated Lily's first birthday recently and what a day.  We always invite the extended family for first birthdays.  And since my family is so large, we had close to 50 people!  Fortunately we didn't run out of food.  Andrew and Chloe helped us get the house ready and they were so excited that Lily was having a party.  Since Lily doesn't have many teeth, I didn't (really Ryan, since he does all the cooking.  I know I am sooooo lucky!) have to cook anything special for Lily.  Lily ate her baby food, but did have a special PKU cake!

Cooking the cake was my first time having to prepare something with low protein for Lily.
 I wasn't too nervous, since it was a boxed cake from Maddy's!
**Note:  my cake looks nothing like Maddy's!**
     The day was perfect.  We had wonderful weather, our family and friends came to celebrate, and Lily was happy.  She took a long nap and woke up when the first guest arrived.  It was like a dream.  Lily also was extremely friendly and would go to anyone.  This was a bit unusual since Lily has been in a stranger mood for months!  But I'm not going to complain, it lets me have a bit of a break. 
     When it came time to serve cake, we had two options:  yellow cake with chocolate frosting and Lily's cake- yellow cake with Duncan Hines Vanilla frosting.  We quickly ran out of the first cake and people were left with Lily's cake.  This was the real test.  How does a low protein cake taste?  The results:  everyone loved it.  They said that the texture was a little spongy, but it was moist and tasted great.  Whew :)

Lily loved her first taste of cake  :)
     Andrew actually preferred the low protein cake over the first one!  Now that's a winner.


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  1. Aww! Happy Birthday! Glad she liked the cake! :) (That is one of the challenges for sure with the pku diet I think.)


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