Sunday, November 14, 2010

50's Sock Hop

     On Friday, our elementary school celebrated their 50th day of school.  To get the kids excited the PTO sponsored a 50's Sock Hop Family Fun Night.  Since I'm part of the PTO, I couldn't let my family go without showing our full support!  We had to wear era appropriate attire.
     Chloe already had a poodle skirt and I borrowed one from my mom.  That left Lily, Andrew, and Ryan.  I decided that Ryan could fend for himself, but the little ones needed some help. 
     Following my Sew Tutu instructions, I made Lily a little poodle skirt of her own.  I used some left over fleece material, made a pocket seam, inserted elastic, and had a skirt.  Instead of creating my own poodle, I got some help from Walmart.  For $1.50 I could purchase a little poodle applique and sew it onto the skirt.  This was much faster, looked nicer, and equaled no headaches.  I sewed some silver ribbon onto the skirt to create the leash.

      I went to our local Salvation Army and found two jackets that could be transformed into era appropriate jackets.  We love the movie Grease at our house and Andrew wanted to be a T-Bird.  So, I free handed the T-Bird Logo (with some helo from google images!) and used white paint.  I also free handed the Pink Ladies logo and painted that onto Chloe's new jacket.  The paint dried quickly and the kids loved them!  That project was a total of $5.
     Family Fun Night was a huge success!

I printed out a logo and free handed it with a pencil onto the jacket. 
I used a ruler to make straight guide lines for the letters.

I used a total of 3 coats of paint.  This took away the streaking and left a solid color.

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  1. OMG--they look like a tiny version of you and ryan!!! Have you ever tried wax paper crafts? Not wax paper--freezer paper. It irons on to fabric.. so you cut out shapes, letter, etc... iron it on and then paint the negative space... haven't done that yet, but have used it for patterns...


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