Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sew Tutu

     I've been make quite a few tutus for some upcoming craft shows.  My hands were getting sore in constantly tying the tulle around the elastic.  I thought that there has to be a better, really a quicker way.  I looked over at my sewing machine and got an idea.
First, I took the tulle (approx. 4-5 yards depending on the size of the tutu.  I'll post this later!) and folded it into fourths length wise.  Then I pinned the edge to secure it before I started sewing.

I sew right over my pins.  Usually nothing bad happens!  I have broken a few needles and
have ended up with some bent pins.

With the first tutu, I used a zig zag stitch.  I later changed it to a straight stitch because it looked cleaner.

After sewing the edge, I folded it over to make a pocket for the elastic band.

At the beginning when I folded the tulle into fourths, the bottom edge of the tutu had two pieces of tulle that were looped.  After sewing, I just took my scissors and cut the loop.  This makes the tutu have four layers.

Secure a safety pin to the elastic and shimmy it through the pocket.

Be sure to secure another pin at the end of the pocket, to ensure that your elastic doesn't slip through.

After getting the elastic through, I just zig zag stitched the elastic ends together.


**After a few tutus, I decided that I could make it even quicker.  I quit pinning the tulle and just held it with my hands.  I did have to be careful to keep a some what straight line.  But since it's a tutu, the tulle bunches when the girls where it, so there's room for a little error! ;p


  1. Ooo! Thanks for this idea. I have been wanting to make my little girl one of those tutus but this would be MUCH faster if I just want one color!

  2. I made one last night with 2 colors. I sewed the tulle just like in the tutorial. I then cut them into strips and strung them onto the elastic. It turned out really cute. I'll get a picture up soon.


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