Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Christmas in October?

     I've been a little slow in posting.  Having three kids will do that to you.  Anyways, we got our first shipment of low protein food a couple of weeks ago.  I was a little apprehensive about placing the order.  I had no idea what kinds of food to try.  I researched a little and found the common items for a lot of recipes.  I really like the website- www.cookforlove.org  (feel free to check it out and make a donation to keep them going)
     So the first store that I ordered from was Lil's, which is stationed in Chicago.  I was able to talk to one of the owners and she gave me quite a few suggestions and mentioned the more popular items.  She also set up an account so I can place future orders on the internet.  I also placed an order with Cambrooke
     Before I placed the actual orders, I checked out both websites and noticed that there were some items that were sold at both places.  Cambrooke was priced on average $10 less.  However, Lil's makes up for it in stocking a multitude of foods from various companies.

     I placed that orders and then waited.  Lil's was the first to arrive about 5 days later.  Ryan and I were like little kids on Christmas morning.  We tore open the box and started digging through.  It seemed like the box didn't have a bottom.  There were so many goodies!
     My personal favorite was the low protein hotdog mix.  You read correctly- mix.  It is a powder and you mix in water and form into hotdog shapes.  Then you cook them up.  I'm a little hesitant in trying it out but it was a lot less expensive than the low protein premade hot dogs.
     We'll try the foods and recipes and go from there.  Hopefully I made some good selections and Lily will enjoy her new food choices.

Low protein version of Cheerios!

"Imitation" Rice... Yum!

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  1. Thanks for the link to Lil's. I'll be checking them out. We need to make an order here soon for some items.


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