Tuesday, November 2, 2010


     OK now that Lily's phe has increased she has decided that she doesn't want to eat.  The story of my life!  I made some low phe blueberry muffins and she loved them.  The next day, she shook her head and actually said NO.  That's a first.  She used to love bananas but today she just dumped them over her tray and fed the dog.  When I told her not to do that, she just smiled and said "he he he!"  Hopefully it is just a stage and not her true personality.  I don't think that I can handle two divas!
     So the past two days, I've been struggling to get Lily to her 150 phe quota. 
I had to resort to adding 1 spoonful of Lipil formula to her Periflex formula. 
That gave her an additional 58 phe.  Even with that addition, I was contantly counting numbers.  The low phe products that we got just aren't cutting it.  She won't eat enough.  The "regular" food will give her too much phe.  We have been relying on oyster crackers and rice cereal mixed with cinnamon applesauce.
     Any suggestions?

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  1. Hmmm....I have a pku'er who doesn't like to eat too. We put some whole milk in his formula almost everyday. Can she have goldfish crackers? The Cheddar ones are 6.6mg phe/gm. Good luck!! Hope our kids both decide to eat one day!


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