Monday, November 29, 2010

Tissue Paper Christmas Trees

     Spunky Junky has these cute little Christmas trees that she made out of tissue paper.  Chloe and I decided that we would try to make them at her sleepover.  So we went to Dollar Tree and purchased foam tree forms.  We also bought a variety of holiday tissue paper.

1.  We cut the tissue paper into long 2 inch wide strips.

2.  We cut the strips into squares- approximately 2"x2"
3.  We pinched the squares and formed them into little bunches

4.  Chloe and her friends used Elmer's Glue All to place the bunches onto the tree form
5.  I used hot glue to place the bunches onto the tree form

The Elmer's Glue worked great, but it took longer for it to dry.  The girls had to be careful so the bunches wouldn't fall off of the tree form!

All in all, I think that they turned out great!

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