Friday, March 4, 2011

Ribbons Galore

     I have finally had enough with my ribbons.  Every time I see a good deal on ribbon, I buy it.  I keep thinking "Oh that is so cute.", "I could definitely use that.", or "What a deal!"  Today it hit me, just how much I have.
This isn't even all of it!  GASP 
     I saw a post on Spunky Junky's blog about her ribbon organization quite a while ago (maybe 3 months ago).  Immediately I went out and bought some dowel rods, and just now got to the project.  Typical!
     So while I was trying to get my ribbon together for a project, I finally gave up.  Everything was in tangles including my brain.  I was increasingly becoming frustrated and going insane.  (if you ask my husband he'd say this was normal!)  I went out to the garage, grabbed some bins (leftover from teaching), dug out the dowel rods, and got to work.
Lily just had to get in on the action.  Actually this was
 the only spot where there wasn't any ribbon!
 I wound the ribbons up and slid them onto the dowel rods.  The rods fit perfectly in the ribbon slots (3/8" rods).  Once I was done, the ribbons were organized and my headache was gone.  That is until I looked in my garage.  That will a story/project for another day.
At some point, some of the ribbon had lost their spools.  So I
still ended up with some ribbon in a bag. 

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