Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lily's Favorites

     Lily has really been trying out patience!  She is most definitely a picky eater and doesn't eat a lot at one sitting.  So that makes it really hard for us to get her her 185 phe per day.  That's right, she got another increase!  I'm super happy about that, however Oh My Gosh, it's hard to get her the 185.  Everyday we are having to add cow's milk or real baby formula to her "milk."  Our PKU doctor and dietitian say that it is totally normal for PKU kids to not eat a lot.  Their "milk" gives them the nutrition they need and fills them up.  But seriously, Lily could got until 2pm without eating a single thing.  Trust me I try, but not only does she not want to eat, she's super duper stubborn! 
     Oh well!  We'll just keep trying new things and stick to the foods that she will eat....popcorn cheese balls (3.5 phe per gram), Loprofin rice (0.107 phe per gram), and Goldfish crackers (3.7 phe per gram).  She loves LOVES her freezie pops (0 phe)!

     She still loves  likes her "milk" but LOVES water.  In our home water is a bad word!  When it's mentioned, Lily becomes obsessed with eat.  She'll say it 100 times or more until you give her some water!  ahhhh I just knew that would happen.  A few weeks ago, the temps got into the 90's and she wouldn't drink her "milk" it was just too hot.  So I gave her some water and that has become the biggest mistake of my life!  We now have to make sure she gets 2 sippie cups of "milk" in the morning before Lily can have any water.


  1. Water is dearly loved in our house too by our pku'er. He gets to have it once he's finished all his formula. He gets to have it most days and is so excited when he gets to have water before finishing his formula sometimes. :)

  2. That's all my Carson will drink besides his milk, is water! No juice or anything! Crazy the things they get hung up on, isn't it?


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