Monday, July 11, 2011

No Sew TuTu

     Quite a while ago, I made a tutorial on how to make a tutu by sewing (SEW TUTU).  I had promised to make one without sewing, but I got a little busy.  It's called being a MOM!  Well, here I am at midnight with a little bit of time on my hands. . .  shhh everyone's sleeping!  This is the best time for me and the most productive!
     I have purchased tulle from the rack, where it is cut by the yard.  It is usually cheaper to purchase the tulle this way, but it is much more time consuming.  In this tutorial, I made a tutu for my daughter's American Girl doll, so the strips are not that long.  Figure out the length that you want your tutu to be and make your cuts.

I purchased tulle that was on a roll from Dollar Tree.  This makes for a straight and even cut. 
It's not necessary, because tutus are frilly and leave you with some wiggle room if your cuts are crooked!
I wrapped the tulle around cardboard at my desired length.  This makes it so I only need to make 1 cut!
I cut along one side of the cardboard, so I have a bunch of strips in my desired length.

I take a strip of tulle and loop it.  Now here is where you can make some changes.
*If you want a really full tutu, layer your strips.  You can add up to 4 layers. 
More than that gets a little bulky.
*When layering the tulle, try using multiple colors or coordinating colors!

Line your loop against your elastic.  Oops, I forgot to mention that you need elastic!  Like I said before it's midnight hehehe.  Anyway, you need elastic or a pretty ribbon to wrap around the little girl's waist.  Here is a copy of the sizing guide for the elastic or ribbon.  So once again, line your loop against the elastic.  Take the two cut ends and wrap under and behind the elastic.

After wrapping under and behind the elastic, pull the two cut ends through the loop.

Keep repeating and soon you'll have a tutu.  You will need to slide the loops close together to make a full tutu.  Try not to pull the loops too tight.  You don't want the elastic to twist and buckle.
Once the elastic is full of tulle, then stitch the two elastic ends together!
Congratulations, you just made a tutu.
Now if you want to get really creative.  You can take an elastic hair wrap
 and insert the tulle into the hair wrap.  It makes for a color coordinating tutu.

To make it even fluffier, keep adding tulle until the bottom three layers of the hair wrap are filled!


  1. What a neat idea! Sweet T has outgrown all her headbands so this is perfect. New follower from the fence!

  2. Too cute!!!



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