Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Frosting Meltdown

     My two older kids are in 4-H and are really enjoying it, other than the fact that we wait for the last minute to make their fair projects!  oops...I like to think that we are so busy enjoying life that time just gets away from reality, we're just a bunch of procrastinators!  So the other day, I got a reminder phone call that Andrew was to compete in the cookie decorating project.  I instantly remembered that he had signed up for it, but I didn't realize that the demonstration would be tomorrow!  yikes
     We got out his project book and started making the frosting.  There wasn't an ounce of milk or an egg involved.  I got out my handy dandy phe book and quickly realized, Lily can eat this frosting!  It is completely phe free.  Can I get whoot whoot?!  I let her try it and she loved it.  She actually threw a fit when she licked the spoon clean.  Alas, the terrible 2's have begun a few months early.  :(

By the way, Lily was just fine!!

     Anyways, now that I've shown you just how crazy little Lily can get and that with this weather, we don't put her in clothes, let's get back on track.  Andrew added food coloring and started creating his cookie masterpieces.  I made the cookies (those weren't judged, thank goodness!), he thought of the theme and decorated each of them by HIMSELF without whining!  That is what I like to call a successful 4-H project!
I love this smile!

He took this project quite seriously.  Do you see the theme?

It's show time!

Blue Ribbon AND Class Winner!

Frosting Recipe

2 lbs. Powdered Sugar
3 capfuls of White Vanilla
2 cups of White Crisco
1/2 cup of Water
Pinch of Salt

**I highly suggest that you half or even quarter the recipe!  Trust me, it makes an obscene amount of tasty frosting.  And if you run out of cookies, you just might eat from the container.  Not that I would have any experience with this!!

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  1. Wow great job! The cookies look great and I bet the frosting tasted great!


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