Monday, August 1, 2011

Bandana Skirts Galore

     I've got a bunch of fall craft shows, so I decided that I should probably make something for those.  I just don't see an empty table selling much!  So here are my newest Bandana Skirts.  I'm super stoked about these.  I LOVE them.  If you're interested in ordering one, just email me with the size or check out my facebook page~  there are a lot more items to choose from!

Classic Black
Classic Red
Holiday Cheer
Mad For Plaid
Pink Lemonade
Snowy Days
Snow Much Fun
     I know there's tons of pics, but like I said I'm really proud of my skirts.  I just had to show them off!

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  1. Hi Kelly! New to your blog, and you do some *really* cute stuff! I love th bandanna skirts! Heres th weird thing. I found your blog by a general crafty blog search (I'm here on Blogger too) and was looking through, and (this is nuts...) you're Ryan Nestlers wife. I am rom Aledo and Ryan was in my class from the first day of Kindergarten to the day we graduated. It is SO wild that I randomly came across you through a craft blog! Anyway, I sew alot as well, and try to do a project at least once a week. I have four kids, though. (Two of whom are two year old twins!) so I don't get as much time to sew and craft as I'd like to, but will def. keep up with your blog. Tell Ryan that Becky Staley (Becky Peddie now) said hi, and that you guys have GORGEOUS girls! Glad to have found you!


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