Thursday, August 18, 2011

Picnik Time

     Ok I've become a huge fan of  I'm able to take my average pictures and give them a little something special!  You're able to use their site totally free, with a few exceptions...those are saved for the people who pay a small fee (like $2.08 a month).  No, I'm not getting paid to write about but I also wouldn't turn down any money! ahem  Seriously, I've been using picnik for over a month and I did upgrade to the premium version.  I mainly use picnik to make my photos cleaner looking and to add a watermark with my website name.  My two older kids used picnik to edit their photography 4-H projects.  By the way, Chloe was awarded Reserve Champion for her photos and was able to go to the state level competition!
     Since I really like this program, I just thought that I'd share with all of you!


In the first set of pics, I used the free version. I cropped, auto-fixed (cleaned up the color and made things POP), and the before/after

In this set, I used the crop, auto-fix, rounded edges, vibrance, before/after, and vignette options. 

Doesn't my sister look beautiful?  She got married just a little over a month ago.  I love how the vibrance brings some color "pop" to the bricks.  I just used my regular point and shoot camera and got these GORGeous photos!  The people in the photos weren't edited at all.  But picnik gives you the option to add spray tan, take away wrinkles, shine and even weight!

You can also go a little crazy!  But I really think that these additions fit my family. 
 Try and have fun.

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