Monday, September 12, 2011

For Sale

     So, we've decided to put our home up for sale.  It has been in the back of our minds for the past 2-3 years.  There's only a few problems.  I really love our house, most of our neighbors, and our church.  Not to mention, that only one of us is working full time!  I know right?  What a crazy time to even think about moving.  But I decided, if we're really wanting to do this, then there's no harm in trying.  Right?

     We don't have to move.  We're not in financial woes.  My husband hasn't been transferred.  We just want to!  We have one of two locations in mind.  Byron, IL-  where my husband works and it's closer to his family.  Rockton, IL-  where my parents, sisters, nieces & nephews live.  What a tough decision.
      Both towns have excellent school systems. Both are close to family, at least one side. Both are nice towns and for the most part they're pretty similar to Pecatonica (where we live now). Of course my family (and best friend) are cheering for Rockton. They keep sending me emails with houses for sale in the area and talking about how great Rockton is. Wouldn't it be nice to have a baby sitter nearby? Ryan's family is pretty quiet about the whole thing. Either they're silently rooting for Byron or they have no idea our home is up for sale! oops, I did forget to mention it last time we talked! hehehe
     Our kids are torn.  They love their friends here in Pecatonica.  They would love to be in Rockton closer to their cousins (who by the way are best friends with my kids!)  They think Dad's school in Byron is pretty cool.  So, they are officially Switzerland.  Ryan wants Byron~  less commuting time.  I kind of want Rockton, but Byron wouldn't be bad either.

     So, only time will tell where we end up.  That and which town has a house we can afford when ours sells!

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