Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guest Blogger over at Nifty Thrifty Things

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Hi, I'm Kelly and I started Littlest Sweet Pea a little over a year ago (yes, I'm a newbie blogger)... so can you imagine my excitement today?! I'm overjoyed to be a potential guest blogger for Nifty Thrifty Things! Wow, talk about inspired. I can't tell you how many of the crafts that I've seen here, I've literally drooled over. Well not literally, but you get the point! I hope.
I'm mom to four wild and rambunctious, I mean angelic, kids. Andrew is 11, Chloe is 9, Lily is 2, and Ryan is 38. Wait, Ryan's not one of the kids, but at times you wouldn't be able to tell! I stay at home with our youngest who has PKU (Phenylketonuria). I know. It's crazy hard to spell and just as difficult to pronounce.

PKU is a metabolic disorder, where Lily can't break down protein. So in short, she's on a super strict low-protein diet. Which means, I have the honor of trying out new recipes.

Let me just warn you....I'm no chef! Sometimes, they turn out great and other times, it's a little embarrassing to talk about but makes for a great blog entry! The same holds true for my crafts! Our family is all about experimenting, learning from our actions, and laughing at our mistakes. Please take a moment to check out my blog and share a few chuckles with us on our journey in life.
Here is a sampling from my blog.....

This is Andrew working on a new frosting recipe that everyone in our family can enjoy. He's in 4-H and used the recipe for his cookie decorating project. I may not be a chef, but Andrew rocked this decorating assignment!

Here's a little tutorial on making an inexpensive but delicious Hot Cocoa Mix.  We made these for the kids' teachers and got a lot of rave reviews!

Our family loves Grease (even though there's tons of inuendos!) and when the school decided to do a 50's Sock Hop, we went all out! Check out the link for the tutorial on making your little greasers cool jackets.

Come on over to our blog and check out all the fun things you can try yourself. Thanks a million to Vanessa for letting me guest post! I love your blog and all the creativity you inspire in me and your other fans!

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