Tuesday, October 25, 2011


     Halloween is almost here!  I can't wait.  Autumn is my favorite time of year.  The weather is cooling off.  The leaves are beautiful.  And for some reason, I LOVE pumpkins, scarecrows, and mums.  This is definitely my time of year.  Plus our front porch looks super cool with all of the fall decorations.  That's just my humble opinion!

     We always go to a local farmer and get our pumpkins.  The kids love picking them out, the prices are amazing, and there's always a huge selection.  Last year, I also got some corn stalks for the porch but we decided not to do that this year.   We originally started with 2 scarecrows.  But last year, the older two kids realized there wasn't a scarecrow for Lily, Daddy, or myself.  So now, we have an entire family of scarecrows.  In fact, there's more scarecrows than people in our family.  Not sure how that happened!
     When Andrew was little we made our own scarecrow out of his clothes and a light up Jack-o-Lantern head.  We've had this thing for about 6 years.  Every year, Andrew exclaims "Hey those were my clothes!"  and Chloe says "You were that small?"  Every year, I get a little chuckle out of their crazy comments.  I sure love those kids.  Lily just loves that we don't have any monsters on the porch.  It did take her awhile to get used to the Jack-o-Lantern though!
     Typically, we don't decorate the inside of the house.  Not sure why.  I've got decorations for all of the holidays.  I think it has something to do with the decorations being in bins, in the back of the garage, surrounded by other stuff.  Deep down, I'm a little lazy when it comes to moving things to get to decorations that will only be out for a few weeks.  The outside decor can potentially stay out until we get snow. (fingers are crossed, that it won't be for a loooonngg time!)
     A week ago, we were in Walmart and Andrew really wanted some headstones for our front yard.  I just didn't see the point of paying $4 for a tombstone that would probably get blown away or destroyed by high schoolers on Halloween night.  Then a few days later, I saw some tombstones at the Dollar Tree.  Each one was $1 and I thought "Andrew will be super excited and if they get destroyed, it's only $4 for 4."  I was right.  When I showed Andrew, he was really excited and wanted to display them right away.  Even though it was raining and the temperature had dropped.  Our house was going to be "scary!"
     There was a little problem though.  The tombstones didn't come with a stake.  Go figure.  We first tried staple gunning the little guys to stakes from our garden.  That didn't work.  The staples weren't long enough.  So Chloe, thought we could tie the tombstones to the stakes.  Perfect!
     We poke little holes in the tombstones and the ribbon went though the stones to the stakes.  It worked perfectly!  We used black ribbon for some and grey ribbon for others.  Now our house looked spoooooky.  All we need is a fog machine!

     While I was at the Dollar Tree, I picked up a few other goodies also.  Lily and I found some mini skulls.  I added them to our center piece.  Originally I had a white candle in the bowl surrounded by candy pumpkins.  It looked really cute and tasted delicious.  The candy NOT the candle.  The problem with this decoration, is that it didn't last.  We have A LOT of sweet teeth in our family.  So this time, I wrapped some ribbon around the candle, taped the bottom, and added the skulls. 
     The skulls have become some entertainment for our family.  Andrew found one hiding in his cold lunch.  Lily found one mixed in with her Elmo toys.  And the other day, one fell on me when I opended the cabinet.  Have I said how much I love my little pranksters?  Because all of this is being performed by Andrew & Chloe!
      We also got a few skeletons for the windows.  They glow in the dark and I'm hoping that they really look spooky at night.  Lily found a hanging skeleton that she kept playing with in the store.  The only problem...once we got home and I hung it up, she FREAKED out!  Not just a little afraid.  She was terrified!  We moved him to the front door, so she can't see him!


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