Monday, December 12, 2011

Present Time

     I've had quite a few requests to make hair bows that look like gift wrap bows!  I guess they want the little girls to look like cute little presents.  It took me awhile to figure out how to get the bows just right, but after some quite a bit of trial and error, I got it to work.
     I've had more success with the thicker ribbon because it holds it's shape much better.  You can either hot glue your ribbon or even sew them together.  It just depends on your personal preference.  I've done both and they worked equally well.  You do have a little more flexibility if you sew the pieces.  Once I was hot gluing a bow and put a piece on crooked.  I had to really work at it to get the ribbon off and then that piece was ruined because of the glue residue.
     You need to start with your ribbon.  Cut three pieces in 9" length strips, three pieces in 8" length strips, two pieces in 7" length strips, and one piece in a 3 1/2" length strip.  You can always adjust your lengths if you want your bow to be smaller or larger.  You just need to play around with it and see what you like. 

     I wrapped the longer pieces into figure 8's and glued the ends together, to secure the figure 8.  The smallest piece (3 1/2") needs to be attached as a circle.  This will be the center.  If you want your bow more filled in, then you may need to make "extra" circles!

     I attached the first set of ribbons (9") to each other. 

 Once these were assembled, I attached the second set of ribbons (8") to each other.  I would suggest that before you glue them, you lay them on top of each other to see you want the sections spaced out. I then attached the second set of ribbons onto the first set of ribbons. 

I repeated this step with the third set of ribbons (7").  The last step, is to attach the center circle or circles!


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