Friday, December 16, 2011

So Delicious!

     WOW!  Two entries in one week, you all should feel blessed!  I've come to realize that I need to take a little time each week to write a blog entry.  They don't take long to write, I really do enjoy putting my words out there, and I've got tons of photos that I've taken for entries.  I've just never written the entries to go with the photos!
     It's also been awhile since I've talked about Lily's PKU.  We have hit her threshold.  Lily can receive between 300-305 phe per day.  It may increase a little, but the bets are in that she'll stay right around 300.  I guess kids with PKU top out around the age of three.  Even though their bodies are growing, they can't break it down anymore than what it is at this age.  I'm a little disappointed because I had hopes that she'd be one of those rare people that could eat A LOT of "regular" food.  However, I'm extremely grateful for the team that we have because they've given us so much information and education to get us to where we are extremely healthy two year old who is meeting all of her  goals and milestones!
     For awhile, Lily was eating "regular" yogurt almost daily.  She'd get about 2 tablespoons to help her get to her allotted phe intake.  I mentioned this to our PKU doctor and he freaked out!  Ok not really freaked out, but I felt like a little kid being scolded.  He said that as she gets older she's going to want more yogurt and I'll have to be the bad mom and tell her NO.  oops!

     A follower on facebook, Nikki, suggested we try So Delicious Yogurt.  On their website, there is a caption regarding a PKU patient who loves it.  Ryan and I have been trying to locate this yogurt for months!  (So Delicious, if you're reading, you need to stock some of this in the Rockford, IL grocery stores!)  Lil's Dietary Shop finally started selling the So Delicious Yogurt.
     This is why I'm super excited about it, it is made with coconut milk, which is low in protein!  One 6 oz. cup (that's a regular size cup of yogurt) is only 28phe!!  Their website even discusses phenylalanine and PKU.  That's awesome :)

     We just got our first order last night and Lily ate some this morning.  She loved it!  I tried some, and I'm usually pretty hesitant on trying PKU or low-protein food.  The yogurt was GOOD!  Lily ended up eating the entire 6 ounces.


  1. My son LOVES that yogurt too! We have to go to Whole Foods to get it but we just stock up for a while and then go without until we can get back to the store (Its about an hour away!).

  2. Yay! I have seen the So Delicious brand at Choices Natural Market on Riverside in Rockford. They are great about ordering in requests that you have as well.


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