Thursday, December 29, 2011

So Cheesey!

     I got daring in my PKU cooking adventure.  Ok, maybe not daring by the a chef's opinion, but definitely out of my comfort zone.  I'm the typical cook out of the box, hopefully I followed all of the directions correctly, chew, and force down.  BUT, this time, I didn't use a box!  Gasp!!  We were going to be eating grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner (don't judge) and I wanted Lily to have something similar.

     This is when the light bulb went off.  We have low-protein bread.  We have semi-low protein cheese.  I can make Lily a grilled cheese sandwich too!  I know, genius right.  Comes to find out, that Lily loves grilled cheese.  She even said "So cheesey, mommy.  I wuv it."  I think I also heard "dewicious!"
I love my little girl and her non-judgemental comments of mommy's cooking.
     I've tried to make low-protein bread several times and all were epic failures.  I've tried the bread baking machine and the old oven type of breads.  Not good.  This food order, we decided to splurge and purchase some low-protein sandwich bread from Cambrooke.  Lily enjoys the Cambrooke cheese, but it doesn't melt and sometimes, it's pretty oily.  So we also have on hand some cheddar cheese shreds from Daiya.  The Cambrooke bread is super low in phe, one slice (50 grams) is about 5 phe.  The Daiya cheddar shreds are only 2.9 phe per gram. 

     I buttered the bread using Parkay spread (0 phe) and added the cheese to bread.  Make sure you weigh your bread and cheese separately.  I also noticed that it took the low-protein bread a little longer to grill and the cheese a little longer to melt.  Then I flipped the bread, and made a tasty sandwich.  The great thing about the Daiya cheese, is that it DOES melt!  So Lily's sandwiches look like everyone elses and they really do taste good.  Maybe not as good as my grilled munster/provolone cheese with bacon sandwich, but they taste good! 

It's finger lickin good!

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  1. Yay! Glad she liked them!! We tried grilled cheese before but it was a no go. We need to try it again.


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