Sunday, January 1, 2012

1 2 3 4 5....6?

Christmas Eve

     Happy 2012 everyone!  2011 was filled with so much of everything.  My blog writing got better (I think), I tried some interesting crafts, I got daring with my cooking skills, Lily tried more PKU friendly foods, and we had a very healthy family.  I pray that 2012 will also be filled with excitement, fun, and love.

     I'd like to finally announce one surprise that we will be having in 2012.  We are expecting our fourth (that's right) fourth child!  The due date is July 2,2012.  The older kids are really hoping for a 4th of July baby!  Me, I'm just hoping for a healthy baby.  Typical mom!  My son would love a brother, my oldest daughter would love another sister.  Secretly, I'm hoping for another boy!  I love my girls so much, but another boy would make our family a little more even.  Now, that I've said it out lout, I'll probably have a girl!
Lily was done cooperating!

     I'd like to thank everyone for reading my blog, for following along, for sending encouraging words, and for sharing your PKU stories.  Without PKU, I would never have started this little blog.  Without PKU, I never would have met some amazing families.  Without PKU, I never would have met our incredible PKU team.  Thank you!
Christmas Morning!

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