Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Littlest Sweet Pea is accepting sponsors!

WOW! To be honest, I'm still surprised that I have decided to take this big huge step!  I started this little blog to help me get out of a funk and to find other families who can relate to my crazy life. Little did I know that I would find many friends and families along the way. As the little blog grows, I thought that I'd take a big step and see what happens! So, here we are....offering monthly sponsorships! I know, crazy right?!?

Littlest Sweet Pea is a life style blog where I share my adventures in parenting, crafting, cooking, and PKU.  My goal is to share and inspire others to enjoy life no matter what it throws at you! 

As of December 2011, Littlest Sweet Pea averages over 1,800 page views per month with a total of 21,500 page views in the past year and a half.  Littlest Sweet Pea is read across the globe, and is constantly growing in numbers.
Here is a little more detailed information about Littlest Sweet Pea:

Readers through blogger:  31
Readers through feedburner:  43
Readers through Facebook:  422
All blog posts are also featured on the website.
Ads will be placed in the top of the left hand column. The large size is listed first, followed by the medium sizes, then the small sizes. Invoices are sent via Paypal. Payment and ad are due by the 1st of the month that the ad isto be run, unless another arrangement is made. Rates will be reviewed periodically and changed due to site traffic.  Sponsored blog posts with a give away are another option and are always enjoyed by readers.

No animated ads are accepted at this time.

All sponsors must be approved first.
Large~ $20, Medium~ $15, Small~ $10, Sponsored Blog Posts~ $15
Please email me at
with any questions or comments.  Thanks

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