Friday, January 6, 2012

It's Potty Time

     We've been working on the whole Potty time in our house for the past couple of months.  Lily turned 2 in October and started showing signs that she was ready in September.  I was super excited, because I hate buying diapers!  I got out the old little potty, made her a potty chart, got a potty book, bought some cute little undies and wished for the best.

     Things started out pretty good.  Lily was using the potty at least twice a day.  Most of the time, she was the one that told me she needed to sit on the potty.  I was ecstatic!  The older two didn't finish being potty trained until a little after their 3rd birthday.  So this was huge!  However with the holidays and crazy schedule of visiting everyone, the potty excitement left.
     Lily no longer wants to sit on the potty.  When I ask her, I get "NO potty!" and she runs away.  Yikes.  So my question to you other parents out there....What are some tips on potty training?  It's obviously been awhile since I've done this, so I'm a little rusty!


  1. Noah did the same thing right before he turned 2 in October and now he is not really interested. My girls were already well into potty training by this age. I'm finding out he is altogether different. Good luck to you and me...hopefully we will all not have to buy diapers much longer...

  2. I keep telling Matty that Lily goes potty on the potty like a big kid, and that seems to work for him. So don't let Lily tell him she's not wanting too:)


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