Friday, March 2, 2012

Pillow Talk

     Andrew is a HUGE Wisconsin Badgers' fan.  Back when he was in 2nd grade, his class was doing a math unit using the Big Ten School Football scores!  Each student was assigned a school and Andrew got Wisconsin.  That was the start of his love of the Badgers.  He doesn't really watch any of their games or pay attention to anything that they do, but he's a big fan!  So over the years, Andrew's received a lot of shirts, hats, and other clothing with Bucky the Badger on them. 

     About 6 months ago, Andrew gave me one of his favorite Bucky shirts to get sewn.  Apparently he had been chewing on his shirt sleeve and the seam had come apart.  I promised him that I'd fix it and added it to the pile of things to be done.  Well I finally got around to fixing it.  The only problem, it can't be fixed!  Not only was the seam ripped, but there were also holes in the cuffs.  I was about to throw it in the garbage, when I pictured little Andrew all upset. 
     This is where my hoarding problem skills come into play!  I decided to turn it into a pillow, ofcourse!  When Andrew got home and found it on his bed, he was super ecstatic!
First I cut off the arms and squared out a section that would make a good pillow. 
I pinned a red section to the back of the Bucky section.

I sewed the right sides together and left a small section unsewn.
This allowed me to then turn the pillow right side out.

I had some stuffing from a different pillow project, so I
used that to fill the pillow.

Then I sewed the hole closed and TADA!

The letters are a project that my mom did for Andrew & Chloe.
I'll do a tutorial later on, once she makes a set for Lily and
we decide on a name for the baby!

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