Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And The Winner Is.....

     I had an OB appointment last week and my doctor talked about scheduling my 4th ultrasound.  No, it's not because I'm having a geriatric pregnancy, that I'd already had 3!  The first ultrasound was routine to get a better idea of my due date.  The second ultrasound was the first time that I had seen my current doctor.  The third ultrasound was because at a visit, they couldn't find the baby's heart beat!  Now this is supposed to be the last one and the most thorough!

     But getting back to the Geriatric Advanced Maternal part, my doctor said that it is policy for these types of pregnancies to have the final ultrasound at the High Risk Unit.  Apparently, my old age means that I get special privileges that lead to special bills!

     Anyway, Ryan and all three kids came to my appointment.  We had taken bets on what we were having.  Ryan, Andrew and I said Boy.  Chloe said girl.  And Lily said baby!  Well I guess Lily will win no matter what.  I really didn't want to find out if we were having a boy or a girl.  Everyone else wanted to know, even though Andrew kept going back and forth.  We actually didn't make up our minds to find out until we were walking into the Technician's Room.

That's the Internal Ultrasound Wand!
     As the technician began doing the ultrasound, Andrew was full of questions.  "Um excuse me, what are you putting on my Mom's belly?"  "Why do you need to use that?"  "Does it feel cold, Mom?"  "What is that?" (pointing to the internal ultrasound wand!) "Oh? OH!" (look of disgust on his face as he realized that it goes inside the patient, Ryan and I were laughing, Chloe looked totally confused!)
     The good news is that the technician was able to get some really clear shots of the baby.  The heart looked awesome (I was worried because of my nephew's condition) and sounded perfect.  Andrew asked if the baby had all ten fingers and toes, and admitted to hoping that there was an extra one!  Of course the technician couldn't say for sure, so Andrew will have to wait until July to count them all.

     It finally came time for the money shot.  The technician asked if I was certain that I wanted to find out.  I assured her, that majority rules in our house (Ryan and I have double the votes!) and we wanted to know.  At that moment, the technician zoomed in our baby, who happened to spread eagle.  We're having.......a BOY!
     Looks like Chloe lost the bet!  Andrew was over the moon.  He already has two sisters and said that he desperately needed a brother.  He said that he needed someone to wrestle with, shoot Nerf guns with, and someone to help him pick on his sisters!  Too bad Andrew's 12 years older than our little guy.  By the time the baby's ready to be doing all of this, Andrew will be graduating from Middle School!  WHOA....not quite sure if I'm ready for that transition!
     After the technician left, the doctor looked at all of the pictures.  He assured us that our baby looked perfectly healthy and showed no signs of abnormalities, mainly Down Syndrome.  He too couldn't confirm if the baby had 10 fingers and toes!  We'll just have to wait and see.
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  1. As an L&D nurse (and mom of four), your post cracked me up! The vag probe usually gets the dads freaked out :)


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