Monday, February 27, 2012

Meal Plan~ Feb. 27- March 4

     Well I went another week without posting our meal plan.  Basically it's because there wasn't anything to brag about!  We at chicken, literally, 3-4 times last week!  I know the hubby was a little miffed about the whole chicken thing, but it's what we had available in the house.  We had to get something fixed on his car, so funds were a little low!  But here I am back and I promised the hubs no chicken and I promised Andrew no pasta (about 3 times last week also!)  I've never bragged about being a creative cook and last week definitely proves that's true!
MONDAY~  Seven Can Soup
                      *I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow, so we'll use what we have.  I plan on adding
                        ground turkey to the soup.  When I cook the turkey, I'll add garlic and some other
                       **I have some soup mixes for Lily, that we haven't tried yet.  Mostly because her
                           spoon skills need some serious help!  We might just have to try one of them tonight.


TUESDAY~  Papas Rellenas Al Horno (Oven Stuff Potatoes)
                       *I think it looks delicious and doesn't sound too complicated.  The family loves
                         spinach (salad) but we've never really tried cooked spinach.  So, who knows how
                         this will turn out!
                       **I'm going to try a similar recipe for Lily using our Cambrooke Cooking Mix.  I'll
                           be winging it as I go, so we'll see how it turns out!  Wish me luck and have the
                           fire department on speed dial!


WEDNESDAY~  Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf Sliders with fries
                              *We love burgers and when you add bacon to them...YUMMY!
                               **Lily will be eating burgers and fries with us!

THURSDAY~  Left Over Night

FRIDAY~  Cheese Pizza
                    *Meatless Friday's have begun!  Andrew's having some friends over for a birthday party
                     so he begged for no pasta and no fish.  Guess we'll be having cheese pizza!  Which
                     happens to be his favorite.  I so love my soon to be 12 year old!  Gasp...where has the
                     time gone?
                    **We have some low-protein pizzas on hand for Lily!
Learning to walk at 10 months!  Isn't he ADORABLE?!?

SATURDAY~  Taco Bake
                          *Anything where you can throw the ingredients into a pan and bake, is my
                            type of recipe!

SUNDAY~  Corn and Bacon Chowder (Chowda- my lame attempt at a New England accent)
                     *Mmmmm Bacon!

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