Tuesday, May 15, 2012


     Last post, I introduced you to my crazy sisters.  Well, I'm going to share another thing about us.  We love to play practical jokes on each other.  We grew up in a large family with 6 uncles.  All of which (my dad included) have a sense of humor!  We would play gotcha last at holiday get togethers.  You know the game....you would leave a Gotcha Last note on the person, their car, their purse, or somewhere and then hope that they didn't find it until they got home.  It would continue for years.  Some of the uncles are very competitive and would jump in their cars and chase down another relative, only to slap a Gotcha Last note on the bumper!     On summer family vacations (yes all 500 of us would vacation together!) we'd play jokes on each other all week long.  I remember a time when my Dad looped some fishing line through the window screen of my Uncle Chuck's room.  My Dad then took a damp wash cloth and slowly slid it along the fishing line.  It made the most horrendous noise ever.  My Uncle Chuck ran out of the cabin looking to see who it was.  We of course were hiding in the bushes and barely containing our laughter!
     So it's only fitting that my sisters and I carry on the tradition of practical jokes, and at time mean pranks!  That's how the story of Blablee begins.  Blablee is a doll.  Not the cute Barbie type of doll, more along the lines of Bride of Chuckie.  My Grandma Moore bought a doll at a garage sale and kept it at her house for the great grandkids to play with.  After some time, my Grandma gave the doll a scarecut, I mean haircut!  Eventually, the doll made her way to my mom's house for the kids.  Then the kids (just being kids) drew on Blablee and dismembered a hand!  Now she really looks like Bride of Chuckie.

     Over the years, Blablee has turned from an innocent toy to a cruel jokester.  You see, we like to take Blablee and hide her.  Not just anywhere.  Somewhere where one of the sisters will find her.  Cue creepy music.
     Blablee has been found sitting in a stroller along side my sidewalk.  I just about peed when I got out of the car and saw her.  Later she made her way, via UPS to my sister, Jamie's college dorm!  Jamie thought it was a care package...more like scare package!  She has been seen dancing with friends at my sister, Stephanie's, college graduation party.  She's even made her way into Andrea's bedroom closet!  We've all been blessed with Blablee's presence in one way or another.
     Most recently, Jamie has been the recipient of Blablee.  At her son, Noah's, First Birthday party,  Jamie opened her closet door to get a sweatshirt.   What did she find...Blablee!

     After the party, my brother-in-law, got to hang with Blablee.  She hitched a ride with him on his way to work!

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