Friday, May 11, 2012


Sisters.  I've got three of them~  Andrea, Jamie, and Stephanie.
     My sisters are the absolute best.  Yeah, we fight and can be really mean to each other, but somehow we always say we're sorry (well some of us do), we always forgive one another (well some of us do), and we'll always love one another (well, ok all of us do)!
     Growing up, Andrea and I fought like cats and dogs.  We're only 2 years apart, so I think there was some competition between us.  Actually, I know there was.  Andrea was jealous of my beauty and I was jealous of a minute....well I was just jealous!  Even though Andrea and I had a rough time with one another (we actually chased each other with knives, kicked holes in doors, and threw fists) we grew closer.  As we each got married and had kids, we realized the importance of family.  We put aside our differences and started depending on one another.  I'd like to think that I helped her to become a better mother and she helped me to become a better person. Especially in the way of not giving up.  Andrea has shown perseverance in the past several years and the rewards are great.  She's reminded me that our future is not set.  That we can change and make things better for ourselves and our families. 

     Then there's Jamie.  She's the typical middle child.  Loud, obnoxious, crazy, funny, crazy, and would do anything for you!  She's always the life of the party and goes out of her way to make you feel special.  Jamie is just Jamie!  I've always admired her for her dedication.  She's one that takes on a project or fight and doesn't give in easily!  She's one that you can always count on to be there.  Jamie has helped me grow as a sister.  She's made me realize that I need to embrace what I have and to keep working to get what I want.  I'd like to think that I helped Jamie to become a little quieter (probably hasn't worked!) and I know that she's helped me to become a better person.  Especially in the area, that I can't be afraid.  I need to at least try for what I want.  If I fail, I fail....but I definitely fail if I don't try!

Shawn, Noah, Jamie, Rylan, and Addison
     Last, but definitely not least, is Stephanie.  She's the baby of the family.  We always tease her because her baby book is different, her First Christmas ornament is different, her baby book isn't filled out!  There are some definite disadvantages to being the runt!  However, Stephanie probably made my parents' lives easier.  She's the smart one- both book smart and what's the other one?  (obviously I'm lacking in that area)!  She's our little Miss Einstein.  Even though we've all teased her about being so smart and constantly making the right choices.  I know that we're all a little (some of us A LOT) envious of Stephanie.  She's the one that thinks things through.  The one who's prepared.  The one who knows what she wants, creates a plan, and gets it done.  I'd like to think that I've help to make Stephanie a minute...well let's just say that one day I hope to do something good for Stephanie.  On the other hand, Stephanie has definitely helped me make me a better person.  Especially in the area that I need to think before speaking!  I have a tendency to be a passive aggressive person.  I don't like conflicts, but I've got a sharp tongue on facebook!  Steph has helped me to realize that my facebook words are pretty deadly at times.
Stephanie & Dave

     With Mother's Day coming up and then being followed by Father's Day, I started thinking about my family.  My parents are awesome.  It took me about 25 years to figure that one out, but they are.  Because of them I'm obviously the person I am ( good and bad) but I've also got built in friends- my sisters.  We may fight with each other, but we put on one hell of a battle for each other as well.
I love you Andrea, Jamie, and Stephanie.  (despite all of your problems & shortcomings!)  I'm sure the feeling is mutual though!
Jamie, Stephanie, Me, Andrea

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