Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to clean a dry erase board

     I've mentioned that we had a garage sale a few weeks back.  My cousin, Brian, put his snowmobiles and a boat in our yard, hoping they'd sell.  To prevent answering the same questions over and over, I wrote out the information on our white board and set them out near the "Man Toys"! 
     Our sale was for three days and was sunny the entire time.  That's probably why our garage sale did so well.  However, the dry erase board didn't.  When I took it into the house on Saturday evening, I realized that I couldn't get the marker off!  NO, I didn't use permanent marker- I used the dry erase kind.  I have made that mistake in the past though!  I scrubbed that board and nothing came off.
I tried hand sanitizer (this usually does the trick) and it took off some of the marker but not most.  Then I tried laundry detergent, dish soap, table cleaner, and cleaner with bleach!  None of them could get the marker off.
This was after using all of the cleaning products!
     I was getting pretty frustrated.  Lily loves writing on the board and I was seriously thinking about tossing it in the garbage.  I googled to see if there was something that I hadn't tried yet.  Guess what?  Apparently rubbing alcohol (90%) and WD40 also usually work on dry erase boards.  Our alcohol was only 70%, so I got out the WD40.  I sprayed it on the board and let it sit for a minute or so.
Lily just had to get in the pic!
     Then came time for a little elbow grease!  I didn't have to scrub too hard, but I definitely needed to put my elbow into it.  After three different times of spraying and wiping, the board looked like new!  I would never have thought to pull out the WD40 for this project.  From now on, it will be my first choice. 

     Oh by the way, I would definitely spray it outside.  I did it in the kitchen and my floors were really shiny and extremely slippery for the day!  I first noticed it when Chloe cam tearing through the house, rounded the corner, and fell flat on her butt! 
Just look at that smile!

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  1. Wow! Who knew? Definitely have to keep that in mind. =)


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