Saturday, June 2, 2012

Who knew fake could be so good?!

     The other night, my husband decided to make a quick and easy meal for dinner- Eggs and Chorizo!  We love it here.  Chloe doesn't eat the chorizo, so she has her tortilla with just eggs and shredded cheese.  In case you don't know what chorizo is, it's a Mexican spicy sausage.  Ryan takes it out of the peel and cooks it up like hamburger.  He scrambles the eggs and puts them both in tortillas with shredded cheese.
     My genius husband (he's a suscribed reader!) remembered that we had a scrambled egg mix for Lily!  That's right...there's a low protein scrambled egg mix!  It's not like regular eggs, obviously.  PKU Perspectives carries the Country Sunrise Imitation Scrambled Egg/Omelet mix and other low protein foods and mixes.  It was super easy to make.  He just measured out the ingredients, added water, whisked, and scrambled on the stove. 
Ryan loves when I post pictures of him!  NOT
     When he opened the package, it smelled really sweet.  Ryan thought it kind of smelled like Root Beer!  We always get nervous making Lily's food, because it doesn't cook the same as our food.  Once Ryan got it in the pan and started stirring it, it looked yellow...just like scrambled eggs!  He cooked it for several minutes and had to guess as to when it was done.  Unlike regular eggs, there's no egg slime to cook- so it was hard to determine when the "eggs" were done!

     Ryan then added a little seasoning to give the eggs a little more flavor.  We tasted them before and after the seasoning and they tasted pretty good.  Not like scrambled eggs, but good.  They were definitely sweet.

     We weighed them and let Lily dig in.  With every bite, she was smacking her lips and saying "Mmmmm, so good!"  That was a proud moment for Ryan.  He just made Lily's day with the quick and easy scrambled eggs.  Lily devoured them and was looking pretty sad, when Ryan told her there were no more!  She ate an equivalent of 2 eggs, which was 12 phe!

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  1. I need to try these for Noah, they look good. I didn't realize there were low protein "eggs". Thanks for sharing.


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